More than *50% of deaths in India can be linked to air pollution.

*Lancet Study

Ek Saans Mein

Created after years of research, Asthprash is an ayurvedic formulation that minimises the damage caused to lungs due to pollution.

natural remedy for pollution

How It Works

  1. Removes the toxins deposited in lungs due to pollution.
  2. Nourishes cilia or the hair-like particles which throw out the toxins from the lungs.
  3. Improves lung function & respiratory performance.
  4. Helps in nasal congestion, cough, sneezing, throat irritation, hoarse voice, and lung and respiratory disorders.


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  • Pravesh Sinha
    "I live in Delhi. I got to know about Ashthprash through a friend and have been using it ever since. it is noticeably effective." Pravesh Sinha, 36 (Delhi)

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