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Star product of Adila Biotech, Asthprash is an ayurvedic concoction brewed by our medicinal experts, that aids in boosting the immune system and minimise the damage caused to lungs due to smoking and pollution.

How It Works

ayurvedic medicine for lungs strength
  1. Removes tar, toxins, and mucus deposited in lungs.
  2. Nourishes cilia or the hair-like particles which throw out the toxins from the lungs.
  3. Improves lung function & respiratory performance.

aAids in Asthma Relief

Asthma attacks are mostly triggered by pollen dust, smoke, and other hazardous pollutants. The Ayurvedic supplement Asthprash wipes out the toxins lodged in the lungs, cleanse the respiratory passages, and also guards you against weather changes, chronic infections and air pollution.

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rRemoves Tar from Lungs

Asthprash is useful in removal of deposited tar, toxins and mucus. It reduces viscosity and helps in congestion of lungs by eliminating smokers’ and tenacious cough.

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effects of air pollution on our health

There are several measures to reverse the negative effects of toxic air pollution on our health including apps, eco-friendly measures like carpooling, certain foods and herbal medicines.

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The sudden changes in body in the teen-age reflect on the health as well. The increase in hormones, rapid physical changes and the development of sex organs can put a lot of stress on a budding youngster.

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bBoosts your Immunity

Adila’s Asthprash has antioxidant properties that help in boosting body's internal defense mechanism - the immune system, guarding one from day-to-day infections such as cough, cold, influenza, etc.

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sSupports Digestive Health

Effective in healthy movement of gases through the digestive system, Asthprash supports regular elimination, and it fosters healthy blood glucose and cholesterol levels. Overall, the jam is both stimulating and tonifying to the digestive system, supporting proper metabolism as a whole.

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  • jitendra
    "Great product. Very effective in respiratory problems with no side effects. It's an Ayurvedic product but has a really great taste." Jitendra Kumar
  • Asthprash Testimonials
    "Was suffering from Asthma for 5 years before taking Asthprash last year and it helps so much." Rajesh Roa